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The MPCC Minecraft Server

Written by Jesse H. Downing

Created:   07 Mar 2020
Modified:  07 Mar 2020

Table of Contents

About the Minecraft Server

The Computer Club's Minecraft server is a Forge server running Minecraft v1.12.2. Jeremy with a K put together a thicc beast of a modpack with 101 mods and bestowed it upon us, for which we are ever grateful. It's currently running on our main server running Ubuntu 19.10, with all the traffic being filtered through the Computer Club's VPS. We spent a good 20-30 minutes trying to set up this ding dang thing on our meeting on 2020/03/05 before realizing that we had the wrong dang ding version of Java and had to install Java 8 alongside Java 11 in order to get it to work. May the two Javas reign in harmony.

Discord Chat Bridge

To make our Discord server spicier and our meatballs meatballier, we've added our very first bot using the Sponge plugin MagiBridge. This way your 7th death in a row at the hands of skelemen, skelewomen, and simply skellies in a vain attempt to recover your items at night can be recorded forever. Any attempts to burn the bridge will receive retaliation in the form of a small troll army - none of which a sword may be thrown at, lest the thrower have his (because we know it was Brandon) skeleton stolen from him and locked in a mailbox for three hundred years.

Setting Up Forge

While I believe Forge mods can be run with a custom profile in the vanilla Minecraft launcher, 2020 treasurer KJeremy has instructed us to use the Technic Launcher, presumably for our sanity. It can be downloaded at

After downloading the Technic Launcher (and assuming you have Java installed already), launch it and sign in to your Minecraft account. Then click on the Modpacks tab. In the search box in the top-left, paste in The modpack should pop up, and you can install it. Do so.

Once the modpack has been installed, click on Launcher Options in the top-right. Go to Java Settings and increase your memory size to at least 2GB (recommended 3 or 4). Exit.

Aaaaand you're finished! Now move on to Connecting!


Connecting is simple as hecc, fam. Just launch the Technics Launcher and give it time to load all those thicc mods, and once you get to the start menu, click on Multiplayer and Add Server. The server URL is:

Save that and you're good to go! Go enjoy some heckin' Minecraft -- you deserve it.

The Millsaps Computer Club is a branch of the Moss Point Computer Club