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About the Millsaps Computer Club
The Millsaps Computer Club Exists.
The Millsaps Computer Club doesn't exist, but The Moss Point Computer Club does.

The purpose of the Millsaps Computer Club is to provide a meeting place for students with a mutual interest of computers to explore new ideas and further their technical knowledge.

The Millsaps Computer Club was founded on 24 October 2017 by Jesse Downing and Tomonari Iwai with the advisor Yan Wang. The club has its roots in a similar club, the Moss Point Computer Club, which Downing founded his freshman year of high school.

The original website can be viewed here.

Spring 2021 Club Officers
Advisor #1
Yan Wang
Advisor #2
Michael Pickard
Our Fallen King
Jesse Downing
President & Treasurer
Celina Morrison
Vice President & Secretary
Edan Collins
Honorary Paul
Tina Tammy Pitts

The Millsaps Computer Club is a branch of the Moss Point Computer Club