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Retro Desktop Round 1 -- Mac OS 6

Meeting 0x05 - 2020/10/08

Using two different versions of GraphicConverter under Mac OS 9, as well as the Mac System 6 extension Backdrop, Millsaps Computer Club members Celina, Edan, Jesse, and Joel were able to create beautiful black and white images for the 1988 desktop of Mac OS 6 (from images they found on Google).

Inspired by Jesse doing it on his fancy shmanshy real Macintosh SE: Macintosh SE 1 - Splatoon Macintosh SE 2 - Noragami

Jesse ran (and crashed) Sheepshaver many times during the meeting to make this actually happen bc converting to PICT and/or MacPaint is basically impossible without doing it under Mac OS Sheepshaver Screenshot

First up was Joel with a nice beach scene:


Joel - Original Image


Joel - Mac OS 6

Second up, Edan with a cool as hecc dragon:


Edan - Original Image


Edan - Mac OS 6

Third up, Celina with an image she had been waiting to send to Jesse for well over a year (filename: For_Jesse_a_korean.jpg):


Celina - Original Image

(Macintosh, Dithered)

Celina - Mac OS 6 - Dithered

(Macintosh, Black and White)

Celina - Mac OS 6 - B&W

And finally, Jesse with a beautiful and strongthicc Sonic being admired by his two-tailed comrade:


Jesse - Original Image


Jesse - Mac OS 6

Stay tuned for more Retro Desktop Expo with the ~~Moss Point- I mean~~ Millsaps Computer Club!

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